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We have Our personal touch in this - every day…

 • Assembly
    1. Hands on.
    2. Custom Fixtures
    3. Semi – Automated
    4. Full – Automated Capabilities

Customer Support
    1. We offer support (Anytime) in the beginning, middle, or at the end of any project.
    2. Support is simply a phone call or email away.

    1. Hartlage Manufacturing Inc. offers several ways to decorate your Product.
    2. Custom Material Colors
    3. Pad Printing
    4. Hot Stamping
    5. Minimal Painting Services in House
    6. Any Paint Services through a Strategic Supplier

Injection Molding
    1. Molding is Top Priority, including the Tooling.
    2. We have (15) machines ranging from 40-440 tons.
    3. Cincinnati Milacron and Arburg presses are used on our Production floor to Mold your Parts.

Insert Molding
    1. We have (2) 80 ton Vertical Rotary Presses.
    2. Engel and Cincinnati – Autojector are the molding machines to mold your parts
    3. TPU to Steel or Plastic
    4. Plastic to metal, Bronze, Aluminum, etc.

Hot Manifolds
    1. Hot Runner Experience
    2. Incoe, DME. Husky, Kona Systems

    1. This is where we shine. We have all press operators highly trained to know exactly what is needed for each and every part that we run.
    2. Extremely low PPM’s / Levels kept low because we are very good at what we do.
    3. We have (1) Quality Control Operator that relieves and checks parts their entire shift. This is 1 more set of eyes looking for any defects other than the standard operator.
    4. The standard operators are Proud and fully trained to offer you:

• Job Knowledge, follows router sheets, “special inspection instruction” sheets, properly fill out daily production reports, scrap and hold procedures, and have a good working knowledge of the “Quality Manual” and the “Operator Procedures” (Assembly / Mold Shop).
• Safety, no loose clothing around machinery, possess good housekeeping practices, organized in approach to job duties, and a general safety awareness of the operations around them.
• Quality of work, understands and demonstrates knowledge of quality parts, paperwork filled out correctly, i.e. production sheets, variables control chart, labels, etc.
• Initiative, make efforts to improve on any area(s) of weakness related to the job.
• Attitude / Cooperation, follow instructions and communicate effectively.
• Problem solving, ask questions and get assistance, when necessary, to solve problems. Focused on continuous process improvement.

Product Management
    1. Let our well diversified experience help you in any way.
    2. We pride ourselves with a Turn-Key environment, detailed to help you with any of your needs.

Tooling / Design
    1. Hartlage Manufacturing Inc. has an In-House Tool Shop as well as outsourcing capabilities to local shops, as well as outsourcing Tooling abroad.
    2. If needed: We offer design services that can help you with part design problems. We understand what you want, and can help you get the Part you are looking for through best processing capabilities built into design up front.

    1. Hartlage Manufacturing Inc. developed and implemented a Quality Management System in order to document the company’s best business practices, better satisfy the requirements and expectations of its customers and improve the overall management of the company.
    2. The Quality Management System of Hartlage Manufacturing Inc. meets the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001 (2000). This system addresses the design, development, production, installation, and servicing of the company’s products.

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