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Custom Molding | 40 to 400 Ton

Established in 1978, Hartlage Manufacturing started as a Tool Shop. Those operations and the knowledge learned in the early days, paved the way towards the Custom Molding Facility that we own and operate today. Our first molding machine was purchased in 1991.

What defines Hartlage Manufacturing?

  • We have 16 presses ranging from 40 to 400 ton
  • A 95 Ton Tower System is used to cool a 1000 gallon closed loop water system along with (2) 5 Ton Chiller units inside the facility.
  • A new water system is being installed (early 2020) which flows through “galvanized” piping. The system starts with 4” piping reducing to 3” piping and then stepping down to 2” piping at each press.

HMI has done, or performs, all the normal day to day functions such as:

  • Molding
  • Insert Molding
  • Molding with Hot Manifolds
  • Hot Stamping
  • Pad Printing
  • Ultrasonic Welding
  • Assembly

and any other needs that our Customer may require.

Our Presses

We run single operator to as little as 1/3 operator on the molding floor.

Automation is a goal, but currently – 95% of our molding requires operators.

We will be working to replace 1-2 presses at a time, while simultaneously adding automation.

We have 16 presses ranging from 40 to 400 ton:

  • 2 - 400 ton Cincy's
  • 1 - 300 Ton Cincy
  • 2 - 200 Ton Cincy and Borche'
  • 1 - 165 Ton Cincy
  • 3 - 110 ton Cincy's
  • 2 - 85 Ton Cincy's
  • 5 - 40-50 Ton Cincy's and Arburg's

Presses Range from 40 to 400 Ton

85 ton Cincy
85 Ton Cincy

110 ton cincy
110 Ton Cincy

200 ton cincy
200 Ton Cincy

400 ton cincy
400 Ton Cincy

200 ton borsche
200 Ton Borche

Mold Storage

Molds are stored in a good, clean invironment that has Heating and AC. We can put your molds on a Mold Mainteneance Program per your needs. We make suggestions and help keep the molds in great shape. Click here for the form to request more information or contact us.

mold storage shelving
Clean, organized approach to mold maintenance and storage keeps your molds in perfect working order to last a long time.  
custom molds
Shows different mold sizes and types.  
climate control mold storage facility
Our mold warehouse offers clearly-marked shelves in a climate-controlled environment.

Worried about quality control? Don't be. That's our job. Everyone at Hartlage Manufacturing is a QC Manager. That's how we operate.


ISO Certified

  We are fully qualified to do any PPAP that our customers need.

  Parts are checked as often as every hour & at least 1 time per shift.

  A dedicated QC person is on each and every shift.


Why is Hartlage Manufacturing so successful? We satisfy demanding customers who are exacting in their specs.


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