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HMI is a privately held Company. It is a single Owner Company ran by Tony Hartlage. The Family Business was purchased by Tony Hartlage January of 2014. We are just a phone call, or email, away. The business has been around for more than 35 yrs and we are committed, more than ever, to continue our ventures. It is pride and commitment that is here every day. Our highly skilled work force completely finishes the full circle with their close attention to all aspects throughout “every” work day.

More Detail:
The automotive pipeline is now 50% of what we do. HMI will be continuing to grow/change with new opportunities. The Toolshop was currently relocated and the entire facility is under a 5S project internally. HMI will be looking at where we perform the best and try to enhance those qualities with new opportunities.

2007 – 2013
HMI had previously done overflow work for several facilities, but overall stayed away from automotive in general. HMI started moving towards the automotive industry as a 2nd / 3rd Tier Supplier. We started with a slower place to settle in properly in 2008.

2001- 2006
All aspects of the Industry have changed and we stayed focused to show that we are one of the Companies that are here to stay. Very Lean Manufacturing was implemented into every square foot of our Facility and Business has been better than ever with our Customers.

The insert molding has been strong and another Press has been purchased. The new machine is a Vertical 80 ton Engel – Rotary Press.

Another 400 ton press has been purchased and we are looking at insert molding. The insert molding has landed and we purchased a Vertical, 85 ton Auto-Jector - Rotary Press.

The facility has grown over the past few years, and has reached a total of 27,000 square feet. Assembly operations has been expanded to include pad printing and sonic welding capabilities. The Hartlage Mold and Tool business has engineering and design capabilities as well as state of the art machining. A sales representative group is hired and focused of product diversification.

A 300 and 440 ton press was added to the manufacturing capacity. The total impact from this addition has not totally been realized as yet.

Three more presses are added with the first larger ( 220 tons ) tonnage press is purchased. This step proved to be a major milestone for the company.

HMI moved to a new location at 2 Quality Place, Buckner KY. Floyd and Shirley made the decision to add four more presses.

A second press is purchased. Floyd and Shirley started the Hartlage Manufacturing Incorporated company, to focus on the manufacturing of plastic parts to compliment their knowledge of mold design and building.

The first injection molding press was purchased to allow sample parts to be made to verify molds manufactured by HMT.

1978 - 1990
Hartlage Mold and Tool Incorporated was started by Floyd and Shirley Hartlage in 1978. From 1978 to 1990, Floyd and Shirley’s hard work and dedication made it possible to expand the company to ten employees.


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